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Fisher Middle School Digital Learning Initiative

In August 2016, students at Fisher Middle School will begin using a Chromebook to access digital tools and resources for learning. The Fisher Middle School Digital Learning Initiative (DLI) will increase anywhere, anytime learning and strengthen our focus on college and career readiness. This means that students will not only have access to technology while in class but also at home.

  $249.95  Chromebook + Provisioning
  $    3.00  Recycling fee (Government Fee)
  $  21.87  Tax
  $  16.00  Shipping fee

Please follow the instructions below to purchase your student's laptop. 

1) Purchase your Chromebook.

  • Add items to cart.
  • Go to cart icon on the top right corner.
  • Note: If you choose In-Store Pickup, you must still type in a shipping address under "Shipping Method", you may type your billing address.
  Pickup will be at: 3777 Stevens Creek Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95051
    2) The Chromebook will be fully ready for your student to use. 

         Note: The product box will be opened because we must register the Chromebook to the school's account. These will be brand new units.

    3) After you receive your child's Chromebook, immediately follow the link to the GoCare Insurance portal to purchase coverage for your student's Chromebook

    • The Insurance plan covers all accidental damage, theft, loss and more.
    • The GoCare registration will require your Chromebook Serial Number - follow the instructions included in the Chromebook shipping box.
    Click for Info Flyer                    Click for Claim Process                    Claim Process Video   

    4) Your child should bring their Chromebook with them on the first day of school. For more information, please refer to the Digital Learning Initiative link on the Fisher Middle School Website.